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  1. catlord 9191

    Pikachu use AK-47

  2. Cameron Harrison


  3. Elliott Hellekson

    The jock skit was the most true thing ever

  4. SpideyyDaEpic

    ah, the nostalgia

  5. Roy4LTwistt

    Anybody 2021? Time flys real fast :(

  6. Henry Knight

    mr beast dont u mean mr monster

  7. McKenna Enos

    Anthony and Shayne breaking character is the most hilarious part😂

  8. The amazing Asher Bukenya

    Can you do how to not piss off a black person because all around I’m tired of people being so cringey around me

  9. Fay Rogers

    Me seeing this 7 years after it came out as a 13 year old when I used to watch smosh and now liking marvel

  10. CrystalClarity Art

    5:03 wait does she have a safety pin on as an earring? 😆

  11. Finger Plays

    Nobody going to notice the kid under the desk

  12. Animal crossing Barbecue

    If u think this was spicy imagine having the hottest hot sauce in the world? That stuff is torture

  13. Ahmed Khaled


  14. CrystalClarity Art

    6:37 lmao!

  15. MrGoku - Roblox

    i just realized that the one that was playing mrbeast was in Kid Danger (i forgot his name)

  16. Ugly Rat

    Who’s watching all the food battles in 2021?

  17. Red T

    I miss Anthony

  18. Nyedav


  19. cracktivity

    before anybody else says anything: they predicted kanye cheating on kim 😂😂

  20. Willian Chavez


  21. Nikolina Naumova

    hey..its 2021 anyone still here ?

  22. Anthony_Adam0707

    Hi, Guys can you guys do Every casino ever or Every airsoft ever that will be very cool if you guys can do one of these.

  23. In a Flash Films

    Now Black Widow has a movie but Hawkeye still doesn’t

  24. Shawn N

    Nice 🤬 guys

    1. Shawn N


    2. Shawn N


  25. Shawn N

    Thank you for your videos 🤩😍🤬🤩🤩🤬

  26. Rhys Maddock

    Well done smosh for 25 mil

  27. Kicking it with Londyn


  28. Shawn N

    I’m so glad 😃

  29. giacomo ceruzzi

    The car goes from "I'm a car i don't judge!" to "(deep voice) but i do know your people aren't to be trusted DAVID!"

    1. giacomo ceruzzi

      2:57 I don't have road rage! F*** you!

  30. Tarjei Frivold


  31. Tarjei Frivold


  32. The weirdest guy on earth


  33. Tarjei Frivold

    Every party ever ervy evry evry


    So, this was the video that introduced me to smosh. I knew zero about it. But now that I have watched every tntl and eat it or yeet it, and are we smarter than videos, I can actually pick out who’s laughing in the background and a lot of the jokes make more sense.

  35. Carlos Astudillo

    Bruh his lisanse expires on my bday 9 years ago

  36. mjtubeme

    I NEED a reaction for Mr. BEAST

  37. Josh Casper

    10 year's!

  38. Josh Casper

    10 years!

  39. yoav zafrir


  40. ibrahim ahmed

    Im surprised no one realised the robber at the beginning named "cecil adams" was a Saw joke

  41. Bentley Murphy

    The first three seconds of the video I get

  42. Ryan Rosso

    3:01 well you know what? FUCK YOU

  43. Tsc_diamond

    Was there cod bo 3 at the beginning?

  44. • Winter lite •

    I like it and what iff GTA 5 was for kids

  45. George Prewitt

    Shayne looks like when he is on set he just has a big jug of water and a protein shake or two

  46. daz a nice meal ball

    Don't you mean I did ruined mr beast's video😂

  47. Random roblox playing Times

    Peter: hey guys! Everyone else: SHUT THE F__K UP PETER

  48. saif sufian

    I love the fact that Drakes mom is white! 😂

  49. swady eve

    I miss the old smosh 😭😭😭😭😭

  50. swady eve

    I’m crying

  51. carchadontosaurus a dino

    Im dying!!! 0:58 🤣😂🤣

  52. Sebastian Moreno Rico

    feed meatcanions bro stop saying feed

  53. swady eve

    Siri: sorry I don’t know what you mean by... Anthony: SHUT UP!

  54. Sebastian Moreno Rico

    ok this is acully pretty good but still

  55. routes and roots

    I wonder what Ian’s dream was about

  56. Alyssia Lee

    4;54 haha neck go snap

  57. Sebastian Moreno Rico


  58. Quantum Gamer

    My question is is this canon

  59. isaac e davi

    se vc esta assistindo esse video en 2022 vc e mito

  60. Julian Rodriguez

    F for Dalton

  61. FXGRU


  62. Jessica Olvera

    Chloe: that is a picture of me! Kim: actually that's a picture of me! Courtney that's a picture of me and you did not even tag me!

  63. Cale Clampitt

    This is where it all started

  64. Dark Reflection


  65. Dark Reflection


  66. Dark Reflection


  67. Simply cute

    Is that annoying Orange 1:27

  68. AJ mac & cheese Ragusa

    Are you guys brother’s

  69. Agnes Jessica

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  70. PinkAsianGamer

    The toasters not plugged in when anthomy jumps in the shower

  71. Dominic Vargas


  72. Sahan Kamaran

    Bro my man is doing online is it 2020 lol 4:21

  73. Dark Reflection


  74. omolon_adaptive_frame

    Having a nostalgia crisis rn

  75. Craig Chatterton

    your funny

  76. Akeo Duffy

    I would love sum sweaty jello pls *peter of course* (everybody else SHUT UP PETER)

  77. Akeo Duffy

    Log Paul did the hardest dab (falls out chair XD)

  78. Nightwing4380 Jian Roman

    3:15 favorite part

  79. Akeo Duffy

    the greatest twurker ,go’s to Keith

  80. The Prank Wars. A,B,C

    Anyone here 2021?